Clean Streak

12th July 2012 marks the day I passed my driving test on the first attempt under the infamous tester Pandian, and with that.. It marked my 3rd success after my civilian Class 3 and the Forklift tests. I am thankful for the prayers and I will certainly protect this streak with my utmost capability.

Most importantly, I am really proud of myself for living up to my own expectation as car fanatic. Before I end, I shall congratulate myself. It’s a job well done!


I’m now half a year into serving the nation and it has led me to numerous findings (meanings) in life. Without fail I have learnt the importance of responsibility but it is definitely not easy to keep the self discipline going.

“You will change during the course of NS and whether or not you become a better man, this two years will suffice the result”, these are words from my father and it always ring in my mind whenever I swerve from my path and to be honest, I am still in doubt of myself until today.

The line between the good and bad is often so vague and at times, I dwell at it so much that I do not know of the future that I want.

It(future) is still bleak as ever and I feel so uncomfortable with the gradual personality and character growth in me.. .. ..


Like my title has said, I’m really tired. All for the sake of a becoming a better man, and I’m not even 1/1000000000 there yet I already felt the fatigue.

I walk a road so harsh, like a baby learning to climb the stairs even before knowing how to crawl.

On a side note, I wanna say that I miss my bros very very much, my friends and the promises I made, and not to forget my dearest girl. I’m sorry I’m selfish but I have to walk this road.

.. .. End.

My Heart, My Soul & My Thoughts

Finally finished my studies in RP and life is still moving at such a hasty pace!

I’ve hardly rested and yet I’ve to start planning for my future already. Thankfully for the facilitators that I’ve met, they were always lending me a helping hand to see me through my problems.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone around me! It had been a long and tough year and I’m really grateful to Eccentric Productions! Had it not been for your patience, I wouldn’t have progressed and learnt so many valuable lessons. We may not be the best of friends but we’re nonetheless the greatest team ever!

And I thank you all for the patience and understanding for the tormenting year. I sincerely hope you’ve all loved this memorable period in life!

And the next group of people I would like to thank are my darling W15J-ians! Thank you for the patience you all had in me. I’ve changed and I’m still glad that you all stood by me giving me chances to redeem myself time and again!

I would uphold this bond and do my best to maintain this priceless friendship shared between us all!

One last person I would like to thank is Hui Lien! A very big thank you for granting me that golden opportunity to finally tell a story of my style and I know I’ve been very tough on you throughout the entire project! I hope I’ve done your story justice and I hope you like the work as much as I do.

And that marked a new beginning of my life. It’s time I move on to Uni studies and I wish everyone good luck in their future endeavor!